Hotspot Prices:
System preparation: 150€*, including setup of the manager account, creation of initial splash-page and the initial premises visit.
Installation fee per indoor router: 150€* (Including Cisco indoor hardware, Preparation of router, installation on premises)
Outdoor equipment prices on request.
1 year free service on bought hardware. All other service and service calls will be charged.


Its also possible to re-use your excisting Wifi network by adding our gateway router.
With the addition of our gateway router you will have access to all our options.
Please inform us of your current setup, brand of wifi routers and type to check compatibility.
For medium scale networks (up to 200 concurrent clients) the price of the gateway router is 280€*, large scale networks 
upon request. A fee may apply to reprograme your  current routers. A gateway router can used with Hotspot A, Hotspot B, and the unlimited account of Hotspot C. 


Location responsibilities: Internet connection (to our first router only), electric connection, dry location.
The location is responsible for the Internet Access Router and Provider of ADSL.
No need for network cables to additional repeating routers.


Fee's :(based on 1 year agreement, per location)

Hotspot A:
Open Internet access.
Every client will see your Splash page before he has internet access.

Fee 120€*.

Hotspot B
Percentage paid ticket controlled system.
Clients will see your splash page but can only access internet with a valid ticket.
Manager requests tickets via E-mail.

Fee 300€*, 33% on created ticket price. (minimum ticket price 3euro) 

Hotspot C:
Ticket controlled system either free or paid.
Manager controlled, unlimited ticket creation.
Full control over system.

Fee 's :
Unlimited routers: 500€*
Unlimited Mikrotik routers: 550€*

Click here to view a detailed comparison between the hotspots


Extra's available at all Hotspots:

Advertisement page: 60€* a year regardless of number of advertisements. Free update once per year.

P2P or website blocking: 30€* a year, changes to the blocklist at 5€* per change.


All other work is done at an hourly rate of 65€* for the first hour or any part of it.
Multiple hours at a discount rate of 55€*.


*All prices without VAT/BTW/TAX