Q: Does the wifi-router protect access to the rest of the premises network?

Yes it does, its firewall only allow connections to the Router/Modem of your Internet Provider.
(We do recommend to change the Providers Router/Modem default password)

Q: What is the range of the Hotspot Router?

The range of the router depends on the structure of the building.
Some buildings require more routers then others due to the metal used inside the concrete or thick walls.

Q: Can you place a stronger signal or bigger antenna on the router?

Yes we can, a higher gain antenna does not only increase the range of the wireless.
It also makes the router more sensitive to the small signals of laptops, pda's and other wireless devices.
However in some locations where the structure of the building prevents the spread of the signal we recommend placing more routers.

Q: What is the maximum number of users?

Our system does not limit you, your internet speed is the limit.
On a 4mbit line we do not recommend more then 35 concurrent users.
This should give the clients have an normal internet experience.
Our cheapest routers allow for up to 20 concurrent users per router.

Q: What brand of equipment do you use?

Mostly we use Cisco™ equipment, we also use Ubiquiti™ and EnGenius™ routers for longer distances.

Q: What software are you using on your server?

For controlling your user accounts we use Radius™ AAA and MySQL™ databases.
The administration page is build in php.
Our servers runs on CentOS linux, in combination with Proxmox™

Q: What kind of connection does the server have?

The webhosting servers have 100/100Mbit connections with a 500Gbps link to the internet.
The Radius™ server has a 10/10Mbit fiberoptic connection.

Q: How often do you make a backup of the server?

We make a daily backup, its stored for a week.
We can restore your page and your clients up to the situation of 7 days ago.

Q: Is it possible to set up a printer for the wireless clients?

Yes its possible to connect a network printer to the first router.
All wifi clients can then access this printer.
(Currently we do not offer control over the printer nor the number of prints made by the clients.)

Q: Is it possible to connect a wired pc to the system? (E.G a lobby pc)

Yes its possible upon request, the attached router needs to be re-programmed.

Q: Do you offer monthly contracts?

No, we only offer 12months contracts.
You are allowed to switch between agreements at any moment.

Q: With Hotspot A, is the splash page included in the price?

Yes within all of the Hotspot, the initial creation of the first splash page is included.

Q: With Hotspot A, is it possible to limit the users speed of the internet?

No, this is only possible with Hotspot B and C.

Q: With Hotspot A, is it possible to include the Advertisement page?

Yes, the Advertisement page is possible at all Hotspots.

Q: With Hotspot B, who decides the ticket price?

The premises always decides the ticket price, even in Hotspot B.
We do not set any of the ticket prices in non of the Hotspots we offer.
(We do charge a minimum of 1€ per requested ticket)

Q: With Hotspot B, how soon after the request do we receive the tickets?

The tickets will be issued upon receiving of 30% of the ticket price.(minimal fee 1€ per ticket)
The maximum time between receiving the payment and sending the tickets is 24hours.

Q: With Hotspot C, does the premises really have full control?

Yes, Hotspot C gives the owner full access to all the options that the current system has.
This included all updates that we make to the current system, you will be updated automatically.

Q: Does the system itself offer outgoing email for the clients?

Its a known problem that some of your clients will not be able to send email over their own email server.
Most providers block SMTP traffic from outside their own network
The system offers to redirect all SMTP traffic to your provider's SMTP server if allowed by your provider.
This will allow your clients to send mail just like they are at home
However, statistics show that most clients use webmail when connected to a hotspot.

Q: If a client has problems with payment or connecting, can they call you directly?

In basic, the hotspots are managed by the owner. Support is only given to the owner of the network. We do offer a support contract for your clients. Please contact us for more details.


Q: Is there security between the user and other users?

The system limits the users to connect only to the router, however its possible to "sniff" the traffic between the client and the router.
In most country's this is illegal, as well as attempts to hack/hijack a wireless signal without the owner’s permission.

Q: Do you log the users surfing behavior?

At this moment we do not offer that possibility as we feel this is invading the clients privacy, however we might be forced keep track by law soon.
It is possible to track/log all surfing at the location, if the location provides a 24/7 running pc.

Q: What will happen when a router fails?

All our wifi networks are selfhealing mesh or semi mesh networks. In case of a router failure, the attached routers will seek other routers in range and connect to the first available router.
All routers send a "heartbeat" to the server every couple of minutes.
With this system you can keep track of any router failure and if needed restart this router.

Q: How often is the status of the Hotspots checked?

We check the online status of the routers multiple times a day, but the owner can keep track of any downtime a router has and inform us directly of the situation.
All routers send a "heartbeat" to the server every couple of minutes.


Q: If the contract is terminated, what will happen to the routers?

Upon the start of the contract, the owner will be given the login details of the routers. The owner always has full control over the hardware. At the end of a contract we can reprograme the routers to a original firmware for a small fee. The routers can then be used to create a normal, either protected or not, wifi network.


Q: If a router fails, do you replace it?

Yes, the first year the equipment is covered and replaced free of charge. The same warranty coverage as supplied by the manufacturer is given. This excluded a failed router due to power problems. We recommend connecting the routers to a UPS.