has an optimized infrastructure to show your information in different parts of the world at an high speed. The core of all our services is a fast and reliable connection with the internet.

We continuously invest in the network in order to optimize our service. Within Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East we can provide a secure, reliable and fast enviroment to host your information.



For all our service we use Dual Xeon, Quad Xeon, Dual Opteron and Quad Opteron core processors. monitors the servers in order to guarantee a balanced load, optimum speed and stability for your website and clients. For entry level dedicated servers we use Atom core processors.

All our hardware is located at EvoSwitch datacenter in Haarlem, The Netherlands. 
From this location we offer Climate Neutral Hosting, we can provide you with logo's for your website.



Security and reliability are our second base. Our services are secured in various levels, as well as internal and external protection against hack attempts and operational errors. Our system supports the SSH-2 protocol.



We are connected with 500Gbps to the internet via 14 carriers and 38 internet exchange hubs: 

  • AMS-IX 140 Gbps Amsterdam, Netherlands Internet Exhange Point (the largest in the World)
  • DE-CIX 60 Gbps Frankfurt, Germany Internet Exhange
  • LINX 40 Gbps London, England Internet Exchange
  • NY-IIX 10Gbps New York, USA Internet Exhange
  • PAIX-NY 10 Gbps New York, USA Internet Exchange
  • IBX 10 Gbps Washington ASH, USA Internet Exchange
  • NOTA 10 Gbps Miami, USA Internet Exchange
  • PAIX-Texas 10 Gbps Dalles, Texas USA Internet Exchange
  • PAIX-San Jose 10 Gbps San Jose, California, USA Internet Exchange
  • ANY2 10 Gbps Los Angeles, California, USA Internet Exchange
  • SIX 10 Gbps Seattle, Washington, USA Internet Exchange
  • TORIX 10 Gbps Toronto, Canada Internet Exchange
  • FRANCEIX 10 Gbps Paris, France Internet Exchange
  • ESPANIX 10 Gbps Madrid, Spain Internet exchange
  • BNIX 10 Gbps Brussels, Belgium Internet Exhange
  • NedNod 10 Gbps Stockholm, Sweden Internet Exhange
  • Swissix 10 Gbps Zurich, Switzerland Internet Exhange
  • Moscow 10 Gbps Moscow, Russia Internet Exchange
  • Instanbul 10 Gbps Istanbul, Turkey Internet Exchange
  • Kiev 10 Gbps Kiev, Ukraine Internet Exchange
  • Athens 10 Gbps Athens, Greece Internet Exchange
  • Sofia 10 Gbps Sofia, Bulgaria Internet Exchange
  • Lisbon 10 Gbps Lisbon, Portugal Internet Exchange
  • NL-IX 10 Gbps Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • NIX 1 Gbps Prague, Czech Rebuplic Internet Exhange
  • VIX 1 Gbps Wien, Austria Internet Exhange
  • PLIX 1 Gbps Warsaw, Polish Internet Exhange
  • IBX 1 Gbps, Singapore Internet Exchange
  • HKIX 1 Gbps, Hong Kong Internet Exchange
  • JPIX 1 Gbps Tokyo, Japan Internet Exchange
  • Interlan 1 Gbps Bucharest, Romania Internet Exchange
  • SIX 1 Gbps Bratislava, Slovakia Internet Exchange
  • MIX 1 Gbps Milan, Italy Internet Exchange
  • DIX 1 Gbps Copenhagen, Denmark Internet Exchange
  • Helsinki 1 Gbps Helsinki, Finland Internet Exchange
  • NIX1 1 Gbps Oslo, Norway Internet Exchange

We offer Climate Neutral Hosting